We are a leading independent vendor neutral partner of choice for non-permanent staffing solutions. Here’s what our clients often ask us, we hope this will help you too.

Q: What does Global UK Management Solutions Ltd do?

A: Put in its simplest terms we help organisations manage the procurement of their temporary agency staff, driving recruitment costs down and worker productivity up. Additionally, we help our clients pursue and access inclusive recruitment strategies.

Q: How does The Global UK Management Solutions Ltd “business model” work?

A: Sitting between a hiring organisation and its supplier recruitment agencies, we manage the recruitment agency relationship. This removes wildly varying rates and last-minute ‘distress purchase’ margins and creates considerable cost savings for clients. Organisations partnering with Global UK Management Solutions Ltd also enjoy the added assurance that their agency supply chain is carefully monitored to meet appropriate compliance and legislative standards.

Importantly, much of the administration which usually surrounds the temporary recruitment process is considerably reduced. From alerting agencies to new candidate requirements to the sheer physical number of agency invoices received, working with Global UK Management Solutions Ltd provides impactful solutions whether that’s via our candidate fulfilment team or our one weekly consolidated invoice.

Q: How much does it cost partnering with Global UK Management Solutions Ltd?

A: Despite the significant cost reduction benefits we bring, partnering with Global UK Management Solutions Ltd does not incur an on-top management fee. Instead, our solution is funded through a small percentage of the cost savings we generate. This creates a financially risk-free opportunity for clients keen to transform their temporary worker recruitment. Essentially, Global UK Management Solutions Ltd does not actually ‘cost’ anything – instead it ‘saves’ each and every client money.

Q: What does RPO stand for?

A: RPO is shorthand for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Under an RPO, an organisation will outsource all its recruitment to a third party to undertake a variety of different solutions from managed services to neutral vendor.

Q: What cost savings am I likely to enjoy?

A: Depending on your industry sector and your current spend on agency labour, we can save you up to 12%. Typical savings are between 6% and 12% – so for every million pounds you spend on temporary labour you will generally save £60,000 to £120,000.

Q: How long will the implementation take?

A: We have implemented our neutral vendor model extensively, and can guarantee this is fully in place within four to twelve weeks, thanks to our dedicated and highly experienced implementation team because every client has a different business model.