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Welcome to GLOBAL UK
Management Solutions

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd is a leading expert in procuring and managing the supply of temporary or long term agency staff. Our approach is revolutionising company’s relationships with recruitment agencies, thanks to our determination to maximise efficiency, minimise administrative pressures and optimise working practices.

Through our industry experience and dedication, we streamline administration and improve bottom lines for companies across many industries whilst ensuring fair market rates for workers and a saving for the client by comparison to market rates.

We have a significant client base in a multitude of sectors including the construction industry.

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd helps clients realise the true benefits of outsourcing their temporary staffing solutions.

Leading private and public sector organisations have chosen Global UK Management Solutions Ltd to manage their temporary and contract workers.

About Us


Global UK Management Solutions Ltd has quickly became the leading name for organisations looking to manage their temporary workforce better. Having built up an enviable client list, Global UK Management Solutions Ltd prides itself on supplying the right solutions to transform the management of our client’s temporary staffing needs.

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Global UK Management Solutions Ltd places great emphasis on fulfilment. We know how important it is for our clients to have the right people in the right place at the right time. They know they can rely on us to fill their temporary vacancies quickly and with the most appropriately qualified people available.

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So who are we? Global UK Management Solutions Ltd is an independent company that sits between hiring organisations and recruitment agencies to ensure that workers are paid a fair market rate and that the recruitment process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Modern day slavery statement

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd is a company which provides neutral vendor services to high volume users of temporary labour. As part of its services as an owner-managed business, Global UK Management Solutions Ltd contracts with both hirers of temporary labour and temporary work agencies who supply the labour.

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd recognises that some of the sectors in which its clients operate will be more susceptible to human trafficking and slavery than others, but Global UK Management Solutions Ltd is committed to driving high standards across all of its supply chains, irrespective of sector. We believe that, in conjunction with the rigorous policies implemented by our clients, we can help to drive out any aspects of human trafficking and slavery from ours and our clients supply chains.

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