Modern Slavery Statement

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd is a company which provides neutral vendor services to high volume users of temporary labour. As part of its services as an owner-managed business, Global UK Management Solutions Ltd contracts with both hirers of temporary labour and temporary work agencies who supply the labour.

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd recognises that some of the sectors in which its clients operate will be more susceptible to human trafficking and slavery than others, but Global UK Management Solutions Ltd is committed to driving high standards across all of its supply chains, irrespective of sector. We believe that, in conjunction with the rigorous policies implemented by our clients, we can help to drive out any aspects of human trafficking and slavery from ours and our clients supply chains.

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd places paramount importance on only working with suppliers who treat their obligations towards modern slavery with the importance that Global UK Management Solutions Ltd does. We will not work with any organisation within our supply chains that is unable to demonstrate a corresponding commitment to this subject, irrespective of whether they are required to do statutorily or otherwise.

To support this aim, we work closely with our clients to assist their awareness campaigns for supplier agencies and make every attempt to reflect their approaches in our policies, staff training and supplier agreements.

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd has a modern slavery policy and educates its employees regarding the types of factors which can indicate that a temporary worker may be subject to undue influence and actively encourages employees to report any suspicious activity to the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700.

Global UK Management Solutions Ltd additionally offers all clients our audit service, actively and rigorously auditing supplying temporary work agencies against legislative compliance, including compliance with the Modern Slavery Act, and identifies any legislative non-compliance to its clients All temporary workers are supplied and documented through Global UK Management Solutions Ltd system ,with each being tracked via unique documentary identifiers. All temporary work agencies must verify the identity of each temporary worker and verify the worker’s right to work in the United Kingdom before supply commences.

The managing director of Global UK Management Solutions Ltd believes that driving out slavery in any form from all corners of its supply chains is paramount to the aims of Global UK Management Solutions Ltd and, accordingly, have approved this statement and the modern slavery policy. This statement and the accompanying modern slavery policy will be reviewed annually, unless circumstances dictate that it should be reviewed and/or renewed more frequently.


Shaun Sheamar
Managing Director
Global UK Management Solutions Ltd

January 2018